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Plastic Washing Line

What is Plastic Washing Line?

Plastic washing line, also known as waste plastic cleaning equipment, is suitable for the solid waste recycling industry, ideal for the recovery of various types of pe film, plastic bottles and other plastics and other solid waste plastics with economic value. It is a large-scale complete set of equipment.

The plastic washing line is developed by introducing and absorbing international advanced concepts and technologies, combining the needs of development and the characteristics of the secondary application of waste plastics. It can meet the environmental protection requirements for the recycling of waste plastics.

What is the Plastic Washing Line For?

Uses: crushing and cleaning various waste plastics for recycling and granulation. Shredding, cleaning and magazine removal of plastic products; shredding, dehydration, drying and bagging of plastic products, etc.
Applicable industry: waste plastic industry.
Output range: 300KG/H-6000KG/H.

What Items Does the Plastic Washing Line Handle?

The main materials to be processed are PE/PP plastic or PE/PP plastic waste mixture, waste PP woven bags, plastic bags, household waste plastics, waste agricultural film and plastic film, etc. The entire production line can easily clean waste plastic products from start to finish. It can process waste and dirty agricultural films, waste packaging materials or hard plastics, etc.

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  • Feb 6 2022
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