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Search feature should show all teams

I often have to find a fundraiser's page but don't know the name they used to make it. In the fundraiser tab, I can enter nothing in the the search bar and it produces a list of most teams, but not all. I don't know why some show and some don't. Amount of money is not the variable, because teams or individuals with zero dollars show up, but others don't.

I recommend that the admin's fundraiser search feature have an option to 'show all' fundraiser pages. I'd also like the fundraiser search to be able to use wildcard symbols. For example, if I search for "b*, it will show all pages that have a first name, last name, or team name that starts with "B"

Currently, sometimes I can find teams using the first three letters but sometimes it takes 4 letters. I'd like it if it always worked with one letter.

Make search better. :-)



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  • Aug 3 2017
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  • Melissa Kear commented
    January 5, 2018 21:56

    Through some messing around, I found if you hit enter with it empty, it will show it all, but I agree. The search feature how it is now isn't the most user friendly.