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List of ALL fundraising pages, even if total =0

I’m disappointed to learn that fundraisers who haven’t raised money yet can’t have their pages listed in the leaderboard! It’s unfortunate because those are usually the readers who need the most help and visibility fundraising, and the only way there is for a potential donor to find them is to do a specific search for their name.

I did go into the code and change the number of fundraisers in the leaderboard to 100, but that does not include pages whose total raised =$0.

I’ve also found it problematic that as an administrator, there’s no listing of all the pages created for a campaign. I’ve had fundraisers mistakenly create multiple pages, and I have no way of noticing this unless someone reports it to me. I also have to use a different mechanism to keep track of my event participants who have and have not set up their fundraising pages. In the current layout, someone may have created a page but just haven’t received any donations yet.

Is there any possibility that this could be included in future iterations of Everyday Hero?

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  • Mar 10 2020
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