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Shark NV352 vs NV360: Best Reviews & Comparison

Are you looking for best reviews and comparison of Shark NV352 vs NV360? Shark is the company that has produced vacuum cleaners which are quite similar in features since it knows that there are a variety of customers that have similar but quite a few different needs as well.

In order to cater to those needs, it has presented numerous vacuum cleaners which are very much alike in the same category. Shark NV352 and NV360 are the examples of such similarity. It would be very difficult to tell them apart but if we look closely, their pros and cons tell that they are a bit diverse as well. Let’s take a look at them thoroughly

Short Reviews of Shark NV352 vs NV360 Vacuums

Shark NV352 and NV360 are quite similar in design apart from a few variances. They both are tall and slender in shape. They can be stored easily due to their upright feature. The lift away function is best for cleaning above the surfaces such as ceilings and other top areas of the home.

Along with this feature comes a quality that they are balanced in weight so that lifting in hands can be made easier. Shark NV352 comes with accessories like brush tool for stairs and furniture cleaning, 5 inch crevice attachment, 24 inch attachment for reaching into seat corners, and a power brush for picking up pet hair.

Shark NV360 comes with extra tools like pet turbo brush, dusting brush crevice tool, motorized floor nozzle and long reach hose. According to the ergonomics, Shark NV360 has a comfortable design for lifting and cleaning in the stairs and several parts of the car.

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Cleaner – NV352

Shark NV352 has a lift away function, which means that with the press of a button the canister can be lifted away and can be used for hard to reach areas. It has the anti-allergen seal technology and it is great for people who have allergies.

The dust and allergy particles are trapped completely inside the machine without any risk of release into the air afterwards. It is light weight, yet powerful. It weighs 12.5 pounds and is portable. It is versatile since it has swivel steer cleaning attribute which makes it easy to be moved and turned just with twists of the user’s hands.

Due to this very reason, it can be maneuvered around the furniture with comfort. It has a brush shut off button which allows deep cleaning and gentle care floor cleaning. It includes accessories like 2 inch crevice tool, 5.5 inch crevice tool, dusting brush and a wide upholstery tool.

It has washable filter foam and the cyclonic technology never lets it lose its suction power. It has a 1200 watt motor, 25 feet power cord and weighs 13 pounds. The lift away function allows it to be lifted above floors for detailed cleaning such as ceilings and curtains.

Shark Navigator Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner – NV360

Shark NV360 has a strong suction and its swivel steering is excellent for reaching in areas that are too tight to be approached. It can be used both in homes and cars. This feature lets the user get to under the beds and closed areas of the car very efficiently.

Its narrow head cleaner twists and turns easily with just the movement of hands. The pet tool is exceptional in removing pet hair from carpets and other similar upholstery. The lift away feature aids in detaching the canister and bring it to anywhere the person wants.

It has brush roll on and off buttons and is perfect for hard surface cleaning. It noise is very low and the filters can be rinsed in water. The dust canister is easy to empty and this can be done with easy to lift feature by taking the vacuum outside.

It comes with a tool which is used for cleaning the stairs. It is a bagless vacuum cleaner with three filters; 2 pre motor and 1 post motor. The pre motor filters need cleaning after every three months and post motor needs cleaning after every two years. Pet hair removal has never been easy before Shark NV360.

Shark NV352 vs NV360 Features & Comparison

Shark NV352 has several advantages such as HEPA filtration system that does not let go any dust particles into the air and is best for allergic people. It does deep carpet cleaning and is equipped with swivel cleaning. It has a canister capacity of 1.1 quarts. On the other hand, its top is heavy and tips very easily. The canister is also hard to remove.

Shark NV360 has the cleaning path of 9.5 inches and has a long hose. It has powerful suction and is versatile. It comprises of a lightweight design. It has canister capacity of 1.2 quarts, which is slighter greater than the former. But then again, the cord is short and cannot stretch easily; therefore, it has the tendency of falling over.

Both of them do not possess any LED light which might have been an added benefit since it makes easy for the user to clean in dark areas or is best for people with lesser vision.

The Performance

Shark NV352 and NV360 both have cyclonic technology that does not allow any loss of dust and dirt particles while cleaning and leave fresh air in the house. There is no loss of suction and also prevent clogs. It has been detailed by http://smartcleanguide.website2.me in their articles

There is a special system built inside both of them which helps in blowing away and holding the allergen for a minute, then releasing the clean air. It ensures 99.9 percent of the removal of allergens. They have long cords which make the user tension free of plugging the machine in sockets for cleaning around the house.

The swivel steering aids in smooth movement around the furniture and even within the cars. Shark NV360 has larger capacity and the bagless dust cup in bottom empty as compared to NV352. Although it is large but it is easy to empty when done cleaning. The versatility of both vacuum cleaners is proved from the fact that they both have lift away feature and are greatly portable.

Final Verdict

Shark NV352 has earned 4.5 rating out of 5 from more than 5000 customers on Amazon. Same rating has been earned by Shark NV360 on Amazon by more than 4500 buyers. They are priced almost exactly the same, but they can be afforded by middle to high class consumers.

The attachments are slightly better in one model, hence it seems that Shark NV360 should be a better option. But again, it is solely upon the discretion of the buyer because they both are similar in features. Their ratings are also same; therefore, it would be a difficult decision to make.

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