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HP Laptop Does Not Connect To wifi on Windows 10 - Try These Fixes

his blog is a great resource for HP Laptop users who have difficulties connecting to the Internet because of wifi issues. This blog is designed for HP Laptop internet users who frequently have issues with wifi connections. The blog offers solutions to resolve their wifi problems.

Wifi networks allow your connection to the Internet. There are a variety of issues that could occur when using wireless connections. They include slow connections, intermittent drops, or even the absence of a connection at all. This blog will assist you in resolving any issues you may have with your Internet connection and your wireless network.

Slow or insufficient wifi connectivity may result in Windows 10 Internet problems. This is particularly true when you work at your home. Problems with wifi connectivity could be the result of various issues that are both software and hardware-related.

Connectivity issues with wifi can be very annoying. The service provider you use might not always provide someone to you to maintain your wifi. An unreliable wifi connection could be disastrous, considering that the Internet has become an everyday thing. It offers solutions to help users solve their wifi issues.

Follow These Steps to Fix the wifi issue

  1. Automatic Troubleshooting

HP Support Assistant is a well-known tool for troubleshooting and diagnosing that HP created to assist with various problems with networks and the Internet. These steps will assist you in fixing wireless issues with HP laptops. HP laptop.

Get HP Support Assistant HP Support Assistant on the Official Website, then install the program on your PC.

When the Assistant has been installed on your HP laptop, select"question mark" in the red area located in the notification area to launch it.

Log into HP by using the HP assistant.

Choose your HP laptop by using the display screen for My Devices.

Select option Fix the Network tab on the Diagnostics tab.

This will activate the computer's auto-troubleshooter. The user will be asked to accept the suggestions when they are requested.

If he finds an issue on your wireless network, the troubleshooter will discuss possible reasons. Click on the suggestions for further action.

Click on the Re-check icon to identify any other network issues.

  1. Enable Wireless Button

You can turn on and off wireless network signals using a single button on many computers. You can test the status if you want to confirm the wireless signal is operating.

  • It is possible to check whether there's a modification in your wireless symbol, the LED on your wireless button, or whether your button comes on after you've hit it.

  • If you cannot detect the LED, you can hover with your mouse on the wireless icon on the taskbar to verify that you are connected.

  • If you can detect a signal, connect via the Internet.

  • If it doesn't start working after the initial time that you push the key or button, reconnect the device again.

  • The last thing to do is verify that your laptop has entered airplane mode. To check this, visit Windows Quick toggle settings on your desktop.

  1. Update Drivers

Installing and downloading the most current drivers for the wireless adapter will fix intermittent lost connections. You must use one or more sections to update your wireless network hardware. These steps will assist you when you're unable to find the right driver, or it's not working.

From HP, get driver updates.

It is also possible to use HP Laptop Repair Assistant to automatically search for Windows updates.

You can downlaod updated from drivers through other websites.

To install a brand new wireless LAN Driver, you must use the Device Manager whenever you have internet access

  1. Switch off your Firewall

While your firewall is designed to guard your computer against unauthorized access, it could occasionally conflict with the wifi network you are connected to. To determine if your wifi network is functioning using the Windows firewall, you must disable it. Use the management software of each firewall and disable them.

  • Utilize the Windows key in conjunction with the X keys.

  • Click Settings.

  • Enter firewall in the search bar at the top of the left in the top-left search menu.

  • Select Windows Defender Firewall In the drop-down menu

  • Click To Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or Off.

  • Select Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall.

  • Click OK.

  • Reconnect to the Internet.

  • Once you're done, go back to your firewall's menu.

You must turn the firewall off until the wifi is working. This will make your PC less safe. It's best to check for other firewalls that could interfere with Windows Defender Firewall. For instance, some antivirus programs might include one.

You may also check out the list of applications Windows Defender Firewall controls. It is important to ensure that your firewall can connect to all Internet services you need.

  1. Update Windows 10

Experts recommend that you upgrade your network adapters and your operating system with the most current settings and bugs fixed.

Follow these steps to check the most recent Windows 10 updates

  • Press the Start Key located at the lower right of your screen.

  • Click on Windows Update and then click on Windows Update Settings.

  • Click the Check for Updates button to install any updates which have been downloaded.

  • Let Windows automatically install any suggested updates. When it's done, it will start.


Most of the time, HP laptops do not encounter issues regarding their networking cards. There may not be the same performance as other models, so attempt to be close to it or use the repeater.


Isn't my laptop looking for wifi?


The wireless router isn't transmitting signals properly.

Blockage of the network

Issue With the Network Driver on the Laptop

Other issues with hardware or servers

My wifi connection works on certain devices but not others?

Wifi might not be able to connect to all devices. This is because certain devices are not compatible with wifi's bandwidth (2.4/5GHz).

How do I reset HP laptops' wifi network?

Resetting the wifi settings on your HP notebook is simple as:

The Device Manager lets you erase and install driver files for network networks.

Reinstalling Windows

Am I unable to connect my laptop to wifi?

Make sure you connect your HP Laptop to the wireless network using:

Select the wifi icon on the taskbar

Select the model of the router you wish to connect, click Connect, and input the username and password.

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