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How to Look at a Gmail Message's Source Code

How to Look at a gmail Message's Source CodeThe email's source code displays the email header information as well as the HTML code that determines how the message is displayed. This means you'll be able to see when the message was received, as well as the server that sent it.

Open the message whose source code you want to see.

The subject, sender information, and timestamp are all located at the top of the email. The Reply symbol, as well as the three stacked dots for the menu, are located next to it. To access further settings, click the three stacked dots icon.

More is underlined in Gmail.

From that menu, choose Show original to open a new tab with the email's source code.

The Show Original command is featured in the Gmail More menu

In a new tab, the message's original source code is opened. Important information about the message and how it was sent can be found at the top. The raw text that was sent back and forth between email servers is seen below.

Gmail's original message pane

Servers use the metadata in email messages to ensure that the message reaches the intended recipient. The beginning of the real message can be found using the browser's search function. The message should start with an HTML element because it is HTML. Ctrl+F will start a search. Then, to get to the start of the message's content, look for DOCTYPE.

Gmail as an original source

Select Get Original to download the original message as a TXT file. Select Copy to clipboard to copy all the text to your clipboard and paste it wherever you like.

The download original and copy to clipboard options are emphasized in the message source in Gmail.

Only the desktop versions of Gmail and Inbox allow you to see the complete source code of an email. The original message cannot be viewed on the Gmail app for mobile devices.

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