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Things You Must Know About Dynamics 365 Consultants’ Certifications And Salary

It clearly shows that even employers are interested in people with a deeper understanding of the tool. Now, imagine the level of knowledge and experience any Dynamics 365 consultant may offer. This makes all of the Dynamics consultants’ certifications more attractive for employees and employers.

Salaries of the Dynamics 365 consultants

Generally, the average salary of the Dynamics 365 consultant is around $135,000 per year or $61.54 per hour.

As per Glassdoor, the following are the current job opening with the average salary offer as shown in the images below.

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How to become a Dynamics 365 Consultant?

If you want to become a Dynamics 365 consultant, you need to understand that Microsoft offers a vast number of certifications. You need to choose your expertise before you get the training and exam for specific certifications.

  • Decide the Dynamics 365 Application Suite you want. Finance and Operations (FNO), Customer Engagement (CE), and Business Central (BC) are the three application suites you have here.

  • Choose your career path. Do you want to work as a functional consultant or a developer? The program will be customized for a developer or technical consultant, which also entails coding. A functional consultant would be someone who is completely familiar with the application and does no coding.

  • Time to get some training. Once you've decided on your application package and employment role, this is essential. We understand if you choose to go for self-study. But we will recommend you to get the proper online or offline training.

Once you get the training, you must start preparing for the exam. Each certification has different exams. You can find the information on the Microsoft page. Moreover, you need to get training from an authentic institute as it is a high step for your career.

  • Samran Habib
  • Jul 29 2022
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