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PreSeed funding is the money a business needs to develop a minimum viable product.

Obtaining it is a tremendous challenge, as it is the earliest stage of any start-up's funding process. It is important to note that not all start-ups require pre-seed funding. They are essential for businesses with high requirements of initial costs. Tech start-ups in Africa and the world need proper infrastructure to develop an MVP, making proper pre-seed funding necessary. A venture capital firm is an excellent source of substantial pre-seed funding. Getting pre-seed funding from a reliable firm is not a problem if your business idea is going to change things and your vision is clear. Blaq Ventures assures that! A Leading Venture Capital Firm in Africa can help you take your business sky-high. Get $100K in pre-seed funding for your African Tech Startups and drive incremental growth with Blaq Ventures, a leading institutional investor in the African tech industry. We extend holistic support with pre-seed funding, a 9-month mentorship program, and follow up with $300K to $1M injections in subsequent funding stages. Connect with us today if you are a budding disruptor with the mindset to fly high. We will work together to make your business grow bigger and better.

  • Blaq Ventures
  • Aug 19 2022
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