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Test management software

The phrase "Test Management" refers to everything we do as testers, and we do it with the support of the best and most effective test management software.

Creating and updating release/project cycle/component information is one of the tester's daily tasks.

  • Creating and maintaining test artifacts specific to each release/cycle—requirements, test cases, and so on.

  • Creating traceability and coverage for test assets.

  • Support for test execution - test suite development, test execution status capture, and so on.

  • Metric collection and analysis report graph creation

  • Tracking bugs and managing defects

The above-mentioned tasks/activities are part of the test management process. This procedure is vital, detail-oriented, and necessary to ensure the overall effectiveness of the testing endeavor. If you are looking for a scalable, performant test management solution then TestForma is worth a closer look. A tester can record and replay the process of creating a test at any time. Schedule a demo now!

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  • Aug 26 2022
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