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Hulu is a prominent video streaming service that provides high-quality video material ranging from television episodes to feature films. In the United States and Japan, Hulu is quite popular. Every day, Hulu uploads new original programming. Hulu allows viewers to watch their episodes when offline, and it also offers a 30-day free trial. Users should go to hulu.com/activate to view Hulu.

How to use a Hulu Activation Code from www.hulu.com/activate to activate Hulu

1 Launch the Hulu app

2 Sign in to your Hulu account.

3 Select "activate on a computer" from the drop-down menu.

* A code for Hulu activation will display on your screen.

4 In your browser, go to www.hulu.com/activate.

5 Log in or make a new account.

6 Enter the hulu activation code that appears on the television screen.

* Within 30 seconds, the app should log you in.

7 Now that everything is set up, you may start watching your favourite stations.

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  • Ronan Hugo
  • Sep 20 2021
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