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ent surgeon Northern Lincolnshire


ent surgeon Northern Lincolnshire

Entconsultant is special interest in other than the routine ear, nose and throat conditions are Rhinology (nasal disorders), Endoscopic, sinus surgery, Rhinoplasty, thyroid and correction of ears. ENT doctors treat people who have chronic conditions such as hearing impairment, problems balancing or ringing in the ears. They can also order hearing aids, treat acute conditions such as ear infections, and perform surgical procedures on ears and sinuses. An ENT doctor is a specialist, and some medical insurances require a referral from your general practitioner before they’ll pay for your visits to specialists.

Mr Ganapathy Danasekar specialises in all fields of ENT including paediatric ENT, which ranges from simple wax removal to complex procedures like Thyroid and parathyroid surgery. We are one of the ent surgeon Northern Lincolnshire .The doctor teaches his junior doctors and ENT trainees regularly. The mission is to provide state of the art ear nose and throat consultative health care based on the most current evidence and research while also taking into account the opinions of his patients and considering their unique circumstances. There are treatments to rehabilitate hoarseness due to an immobile vocal cord following injury to the nerve that provides movement to the affected vocal cord. Surgical interventions are designed to move the static vocal cord closer to the mobile vocal cord to tighten the closure between the two, thus improving the voice quality. These procedures are aptly named, “medicalization” techniques for moving the position of the weak or immobile vocal cord toward the midline and the opposite, mobile vocal cord.

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